Another win

Well what can I say…I really am speechless! I won again playing No Limit Hold ‘Em poker with some workmates.

While in Germany recently, we played 3 nights of poker, all of which I won (either outright, or splitting the winnings because of the late time), so the guys at work (who aren’t that experienced at playing, I guess) attached this ‘rep’ to me and my amazing luck/skill/whatever. I didn’t think I played very good, I did have some amazingly lucky draws but whatever – ‘the legend was born’ I suppose.

So after we came back no one else was organizing anything but a few of the guys wanted to play, so I set up a poker night and we played our first game tonight and I won! £35 profit after a £10 buy-in and a £10 rebuy (I won £55 total), so I’m still up. I played some really stupid hands, went way down a bunch of times and had to go all-in several times to double up, but in the end I was chip leader by far after a couple of good hands of hole cards, and I split the winnings 60/40 with the other last person standing after I couldn’t convince him to see my raise that would have made him go all-in.

Hey, it’s a good way to spend the evening! Good times.

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