Too little, too late, Metallica

So Metallica, the band that did the big push to drive the original incarnation of Napster offline, is now thinking of following Radiohead’s lead and offering some sort of digital distribution of their future albums.

Uh, no. Sorry, Lars, but not only have you and the boys been surpassed musically (and I didn’t bother buying the last album, St. Anger), you certainly didn’t earn any favors with fans back in the wild days of the Web, with the dramatic show of reams of paper with Napster account holder’s details in front of the cameras.

I’m a big fan of Radiohead, so I paid normal retail price (instead of paying nothing) and eagerly downloaded their online-only album last year (In Rainbows – you can get it on CD now, too), and even though I’m not a big Nine Inch Nails fan I downloaded the Ghosts tracks, paying good money for that as well. You see, when it’s music I anticipate and appreciate, I’ll happily fork the money over. Just like I did for the first several Metallica albums.

Methinks Metallica will have to work pretty hard to either earn new fans or somehow bring back the fans they lost after the Black Album, and work even harder to bring back the fans who gave them a try with St. Anger.

Now there’s one amazing keyboard player

I enjoy watching the occasional YouTube video, but I’m not usually on there very long – at most to click on a couple of related videos, but I almost never view a ‘channel’ or subscribe to anyone’s videos.

However, I did make an exception today. There’s a guy on there called Ronald Jenkees, and he makes the most amazing music with a couple of keyboards and his computer. All on his own, with loads of time, a computer and his fingers.

Great stuff. Check out his YouTube channel if you want to be blown away! I even bought his album via MP3 download and it’s fantastic also – not as conceptual as the recent stuff that is coming out on his next album (hopefully due this summer) but it’s great.

There’s even a video interview with him here.

Hey man, is that freedom rock?!

Does anyone remember that commercial? 🙂

I picked up the best of Creedence Clearwater Revival and the best of Springsteen a couple of weeks ago. That’s some fun listening, I tell ya!

If you never saw the ad or didn’t hear it when this stuff first came out (I certainly didn’t), then just watch The Big Lebowski, The Dude is a big fan of Creedence.

Radiohead’s new album: set your own price!

The new Radiohead album is not available yet, but when it is available on October 10th (my birthday, natch), you can download it for a price that YOU CHOOSE.

Now, I’m not a huge campaigner for the anti-DRM, anti-record company, independent label upstarts, but how cool is that: choose the price for the newest album, from the bands you really like.

You can only get the album from the Radiohead website, so check it out here.