I couldn’t care less

I’m usually a pretty bad grammar monkey, some folks online call us types ‘grammar nazis’, so when I hear people say things like ‘I should of‘ instead of ‘I should have‘, it really makes me cringe and want to say something, so I generally refrain unless I know the person. If I know them I’ll just take the piss out of them and make fun incessantly.

Another thing that bugs me, but not quite as much because it doesn’t really come up that much, is when people say, ‘I could care less’. I hear people say that, or ‘I couldn’t care less’, which is something else entirely, if you think about it.

If you CAN care less, that means there’s a bit of caring there. So you DO care a bit.

If you CAN’T care less, well there’s no lower you can go. You just…don’t…care. It is IMpossible for you to care any less than you do already.

Someone made a handy chart to illustrate this point:



Another term that annoys me: ‘any way, shape or form’ – just one will do, thanks! You don’t have to list every possible way, wherefore or art thou something can exist. Just adding this one for…the fun of it 🙂

Another win

Well what can I say…I really am speechless! I won again playing No Limit Hold ‘Em poker with some workmates.

While in Germany recently, we played 3 nights of poker, all of which I won (either outright, or splitting the winnings because of the late time), so the guys at work (who aren’t that experienced at playing, I guess) attached this ‘rep’ to me and my amazing luck/skill/whatever. I didn’t think I played very good, I did have some amazingly lucky draws but whatever – ‘the legend was born’ I suppose.

So after we came back no one else was organizing anything but a few of the guys wanted to play, so I set up a poker night and we played our first game tonight and I won! £35 profit after a £10 buy-in and a £10 rebuy (I won £55 total), so I’m still up. I played some really stupid hands, went way down a bunch of times and had to go all-in several times to double up, but in the end I was chip leader by far after a couple of good hands of hole cards, and I split the winnings 60/40 with the other last person standing after I couldn’t convince him to see my raise that would have made him go all-in.

Hey, it’s a good way to spend the evening! Good times.