No-Buy Month

March is going to have to be a ‘buy nothing month’ for me…

I used to buy stuff on a whim and ended up with loads and loads of things that were just conversation pieces and nothing else.

Living in the UK, in a small house and crammed into a small room (I rent one room in a 1900’s Victorian terraced house, and keep loads of things in the damp basement), I’m forced to be a bit sparing with the amount of crap I get. Every now and then I go on eBay selling sprees or Freecycle giveaways, so I’m happy to get rid of stuff I admit to myself I’ll probably never use again, but stuff just still seems to pile up from time to time.

Worse still, when I have it in my head that I want to do or get something, I’ll just go on Amazon or eBay, find it and order it. Hardly a week goes by at work that I don’t get something in the post. It’s like Christmas every week and some days I have to tell my workmates that I don’t even know what all these packages might be.

Maybe I’m a hoarder? I’m not as bad as the eBay lady that had a house literally crammed full of unopened boxes full of stuff bought on eBay (was a popular series of photos on the internet a while back)…but I do admit that I *like* getting stuff and opening it and seeing what it is. It’s just a thing about me. That in itself isn’t a problem, though. My problem is that I *buy* these things and eventually I run out of room for them all.

So: for all of March I have set a goal for myself that I WILL. NOT. BUY. ANYTHING. I spent enough in February for Valentine’s day, I have loads of books to read, plenty of video games to play, all the RC gear I need, so enough is enough. Other than rent, food, gas and necessities I won’t be buying anything. No games, books, hobby stuff, clothes, gear, whatever for a whole month.

We’ll see how I do.

Note that I didn’t choose the shortest month of the year to do this đŸ˜‰

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