GO Spurs!

(San Antonio Spurs, the basketball team, not the Tottenham Hotspurs)

Yes! Coming back from a 2-0 deficit never been done? Well, it has now!

I had the good fortune to watch a couple of Spurs games (not live, unfortunately) while I was visiting my mom, and I was a bit worried but optimistic about them being able to make it past the Hornets (which, apparently, had moved to New Orleans at some point in the last 4 years). The Hornets looked good when I watched, but not quite good enough to make it to the final four.

Anyway, last night was the final game of the series and I wasn’t able to find it on the UK TV schedule anywhere, but I read today on Salon.com that they’d come back and won the series in the final game in front of a New Orleans crowd.

I feel for anyone in New Orleans trying to rebuild their lives after Katrina, but hey – you guys were up against the Spurs! There wasn’t much of a chance, really 🙂

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