TEN pounds gained in 2 weeks!

That’s how much weight I put on while visiting the States for just 2 weeks.

Yes, granted, I did suck down as much iced tea, IBC & A&W as possible, plus a bottle or two of Mountain Dew…plus BBQ and Mexican food nearly every day…plus…lots of fried stuff…but I still can’t believe I put on about 4 kilos of weight while I was away.

I’m not (that) ashamed: I weighed myself on my digital scale before we left (we had to weigh our luggage), and I was 98 kilos the night before. Weighed myself a couple of days after we came back, and I was (gasp) 102! Crikey…and to think my weight goal for last year was, like, 90kg? man oh man…

So (and I planned to do this already, before we left) I’ve started cycling in to work, this week I’ll be doing it 4 days, next week either 3 or 4 days. That’s about 32 miles round trip, for 96 or 128 miles a week, about what a serious road cyclist does in training every week. (more serious racers might do a ‘century’, or a hundred miles on a Saturday, but I’m not at that level by a long shot) I just read on a UK cycling forum today about a guy who started cycling to work at the start of April, about the distance I do, and he’s lost half a stone already, probably more than that in fat because he’s built up his leg muscles.

I think this is the only way I can stick to an exercise program – outrageously high petrol prices! By the end of the summer petrol will be at, like £1.60/liter (it’s £1.11 and rising per liter, that’s $8.31 per US gallon!)and I’ll be dropping weight off like there’s no tomorrow (hopefully). Hell, it’s even meant to rain tomorrow or Friday, and I’ll still be cycling in! Costs me £5 a day to drive to work…you betcha!

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