Off to the States tomorrow…

…and hell yeah I’m going to do a lot of shopping! If you’re paid in British Pounds, you’d be quite remiss to NOT buy loads of things you want from the US if you’re visiting.

One of the places I might go (might) is Wal-Mart.

Now, I don’t like their business practices, reputation, etc., just like other left-leaning liberal schmucks like myself, but damn if they don’t have some cheap prices on stuff. One of the things I want to get is a Nintendo DS Lite, and I’ll probably get it at either Wal-Mart or Best Buy, it’s just unavoidable. I don’t have time to scour for a decent deal in small game shops, so I want to go to one place where I can get my electronics fix (might look for a new MP3 player too – but not an iPod – and maybe some computer bits), and it’s one of these two places basically.

I came across a funny animation done to a Henry Rollins stand-up bit about Wal-Mart, check it out here. It’s so true, so sad, and if I find any of those shirts there I’m going to have to take me some pictures!

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