Cool Halloween candy-giving

I used to share a house with four other guys, and one year three of us got together to scare the kids while attempting to give them candy.

The driveway of the house we shared is L-shaped so we parked the cars so there was only one way to get to the door. The garage doors had a couple of broken window panes so I covered those with black cloth and would tell the other two when there were kids coming. As they walked up I’d tap the (very old) garage door to start setting the mood. The kids would walk up to the front door, where they could hear Danzig playing from the living room stereo. Then housemate Marcus would get up from his chair wearing a white shirt stained with blood from a neck wound and the kids would give him the ‘trick or treat’ line…he’d shout for housemate Steve, who had splashed out on some ridiculous cow-skull-with-horns mask and a big black floor-length cape. Oh, and he was holding a massive bowl of candy. With the dimmed lights, creepy loud music and shaking doors and things, Steve would shout at the kids ‘TAKE ONE PIECE’. So they’d take one, stutter a ‘thank you’ and go back to their folks waiting at the curb.

And as they had their backs to the garage door I’d kick it, howl uncontrollably and shoot water at them from a big squirt bottle.

The best compliment we had was the kids telling other kids ‘hey go to that house!’ 😀

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