Eastern Promises

Just saw this over the weekend, it was between this and Stardust, which according to RottenTomatos.com is just slightly better in overall ratings (90% to 85). It’s quite well done, and straight from the beginning you know it’s going to be pretty hard-hitting. This is NOT a comedy or light-hearted comic romp. It’s a rough, dramatic look at the Russian mob in London. Overall I’d give it an 8.5 or so out of 10.

Coolest part: the toughest hand-to-hand combat I’ve seen in a long time, with two black leather jacket-wearing tough guys attacking a naked Viggo Mortenstern in a public bath. With curved skinning knives. It’s pretty brutal! But not excessively bloody. What a great scene. No music, just heavy breathing and grunts in a steamy tiled sauna.

Wow, that last line sounds gay!

No offense to my gay/bi friends 😉

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