Marathon training

My official marathon training starts next week (for the Robin Hood Marathon in September), and I’ve been running a few days a week for the past several weeks to build myself up. Yesterday I was even able to drag myself out of bed, lace up and run 3 miles, shower, cook breakfast…and go to work. Wow!

That was the second run of the week, and I was very tired this morning (very sore from running around all day so no sleep) so I’ll run 3 miles when I get home, then do a long run on Sunday.

Monday is the official start of my 18-week training, starting with a 1.5 hr mountain bike ride on Monday, then rest then 3 consecutive days of runs, then a rest then a 6-mile run on Sunday. From there the long run gets longer every week, and the weekday runs slowly ramp up in length as well until I’m doing 7 to 10 miles during the 3 weekday runs and up to 23 miles on the long run. Yikes!

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