The Bourne Ultimatum

Wow. That’s about all I can say about this movie. Just…wow! I have to say I really really liked this movie. I’ll just go ahead and say that it deserves a 10 out of 10! Just barely, because I think it’s better than a 9/10.

That 10/10 rating comes from having seen the earlier two movies and enjoying those, although you don’t have to have seen the first two to understand the latest Bourne movie. There’s a little backstory and it would help to know exactly what Bourne is trying to find out, but there are enough flashbacks to guide you along. Possibly too many flashbacks for regulars of the series, but it’s okay – the flashbacks usually happen during action sequences so you don’t get too bored. 🙂

The chases (car, foot) and fights are really good and well thought-out, no glaringly obvious CGI to get in the way, good story, great pacing. If you haven’t seen the other Bourne movie and aren’t sure about Matt Damon as a kick-ass action star, rent the first two (the Bourne Identity and the Bourne Supremacy) and check out what you’re missing!

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