No, this isn’t a post about me wanting to do a podcast, rather this is about the podcasts I listen to.

In case you’re not familiar with podcasts, in simple terms they are radio shows that you download from the internet and listen to on your computer or MP3 player. Like radio shows, there are loads of different types of podcasts, with topics like humor, music, information, news, topical stuff, whatever you like. If you have software like iTunes installed (I prefer Juicer, which is open source) you can look for and subscribe to podcasts and the software will automatically look for the latest updates and download them for you to listen to at your liesure.

To subscribe to these podcasts, just check out this simple instructions page from one of the podcasts I listen to.

Here are some of the podcasts I listen to regularly now, with links to their podcast feeds (i.e., subscription links):
The Kevin & Bean Show on KROQ – a morning radio show from LA/Orange county in southern California. KROQ is an ‘alternative rock’ station that plays a lot of new rock acts. Very student-y demographic. Their podcasts are updated every day with the best bits of each morning’s show.
The Mark & Brian Show on KLOS – another morning show from the same area. An older demographic and sometimes they put up their funnier routines online.
7th Son novel – the author of this series of novels reads a chapter for each podcast. Kind of a thriller/government conspiracy kind of book
Kill the Desktop – a newish podcast, these are a couple of guys who talk about techie stuff pertaining to web-based software packages
Diggnation – the guys who run the ‘social news’ site Digg.com talk about the top stories submitted by members every week
TWiT – This Week in Tech, this is hosted by one of the guys from Tech TV and he has different guests on each week to talk about the latest tech/gadget/geek news
Cnet Buzz Out Loud – a daily tech podcast
Beyond Organic – A US-based podcast that goes into some detail about the latest in organic foods, including government controls, etc.

Podcasts I’m trying out:
TwistCast – got this link from the 7th Son guy I think, these are young British guys who go on about various things. I’ve only listened to a couple of their shows so far.
Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History – this guy goes into a bit of detail about various historical periods
Children of the Gods – nope, not anything to do with van Daniken, this is another podcast novel that basically extends the story of Independence Day, and the events that happen after the movie.
TWiG – This Week in Geek…sci-fi geek, not gadget/computery geek!

And a very strange podcast:
RPGMP3 – basically, a group of gamers playing Dungeons & Dragons. I listened to this one for a few minutes until I realized…well, I already *play* it, I don’t need to *listen* to people playing it!

If you’re new to podcasts or want to search for podcasts you might be interested, check out these sites:
Podcast411.com – gives you the basics on how to listen to podcasts

And if you are interested in sci-fi and fantasy podcasts, here are two I just found out about and will be checkingout: sffaudio.com and dragonpage.com

As far as the program to use, I recommend Juicer, which used to be called iPodder. It’s free and open source. You can also use iTunes, but if you’ve got an iPod or a Mac you probably already use this – if so, you can just do a search for any of the titles above.

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