2700 calories burned…

…for every day I cycle all the way into work.

That’s not bad!

That’s far more than I should be taking in every day (the recommended daily intake for an adult male is 2000 calories), and I don’t eat that much except on the weekends anyway, so every day that I cycle in I’m way into the negative calorie count.

Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t count calories but I do try to be aware of how much I’m eating. I know that a handful of anything, or something the size of your palm, equals roughly ‘one serving’, but I’ve tried keeping track of how much I eat and it’s just too much of a bother, really. If I can cycle in 2 or 3 times a week on average, or even drive halfway to work and cycle the rest of way in, it breaks down like this:

Cycling all the way from home to work and back:
Cycle 16 miles to work and back = 3 hours total time cycling at approximately 10mph = about 2400 calories burned each day
…If I can do this 2 or 3 times a  week (Mondays and Thursdays at the minimum, maybe also alternating Tuesdays and Fridays as well), that’s…frigging hell, that’s 4800 to 7200 calories burned a week, maybe even 9600 calories if I bike in 4 days!

Driving to a village 6 miles away (the average distance of a cycle commute in the UK):
Cycle 6 miles to work and back  = about 90 minutes total cycling time = about 1800 calories burned
…If I can do this 4 times a week that’s 7200 calories, or four and a half day’s worth of calories burned in a  week.

Honestly, this sounds like a more workable exercise plan than rigid scheduling of free weight exercises, going to the gym or anything like that.

An added bonus is that I’d be saving nearly £5 in petrol/gas every time I cycled all the way in and back! 🙂 Not too shabby.

(for anyone in the US, gas prices are over $7.50 a gallon here, so no complaining about $4/gal gas, okay!?)

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