The Sonics are moving to Oklahoma?!?

OK, well the ‘Sonics’ aren’t moving, since the team name and colors are staying in Seattle, but holy crap Oklahoma has a pro sports franchise?

Part of me says WTF and the rest of me says pretty cool!

Coming from San Antonio, which has only one pro sports team, I can relate with Oklahoma. Partly because I’ve lived there (in Lawton), but also because I can understand how city/state pride can really be affected by having a good pro team around. Heck, they don’t even have to be pro, there’s tons of amateur and semi-pro teams all over the States, and plenty of the same in the UK (mostly football/soccer but you get the idea) – a decent local team doing well will definitely lift the spirits of everyone around.

Anyway – yay Oklahoma!

I just hope they don’t choose some horrible team name like the Spartans (ripping off the movie ‘300’) or something awful like the Redskins (since Oklahoma used to be Indian Territory).