Had a run on Saturday, then mountain biking last night

I started up mountain biking last night after a winter layover (my poor bike…the last time it was ridden was when I put it away before November sometime, and I didn’t even wash it!). Notice how it was cold and wet? Yeah…that was how it was on the trail – then toss in ankle-deep mud in inky blackness and it was VERY difficult to stay upright most of the time.

Surprisingly my legs aren’t as tired as they were on Sunday (I ran a few miles Saturday morning) so I guess I’m sorta used to it already, which is cool.

I’m going to use the biking as training for the marathon, so I’m counting it as my Monday run, then I’ll run Wednesday mornings or Thursday nights (I’m busy most Wednesday nights) and then run again on Saturdays.

Mountain biking!

Yay, I went on my first mountain biking foray in years, and it was great! I realized very quickly that it’s not quite like bike commuting… on my commute it’s quite steady pedaling but I have to keep an eye on the mirror for cars/trucks coming up on me. When biking off-road it’s more like pedal-fast-or-coast-downhill then coast-a-tiny-bit-at-the-bottom, then downshift-loads-pedal-fast-uphill, watch-out-for-roots, whoops-there’s-a-boulder, ack-that-tree-is-in-the-way, and on and on 🙂

It was great, it’s just way more twitchy, fast-reaction stuff than being on a road bike or commuter. I’ve got a pic of my bike (minus rear fender), I’ll upload it soon.