Diet, day 5, end of the first cycle

You’re not supposed to weigh or measure yourself except for the morning of each cheat day, but I cheated and weighed myself this morning – from Friday (first fast day) I’ve lost 2kg…nearly 5 pounds. It remains to be seen whether my weight loss for the first cycle will be more or less than that – because it could/may just be water weight, but it’s still really encouraging.

Today is protein-only day so I’m stuffing myself with 300g of protein, which is a really surprising amount once you look at the nutrition info for the foods you eat- 8 eggs, 18 slices of bacon, 3/4 of a leftover chicken, plus 2 200g packets of chicken tikka slices from the shop at lunch. This is a lot better than the fasting day, which had me taking 45 protein pills throughout the course of the day, but I’ve been stuffed all day!

The good thing about the variety, at least, is while one day or another may be a drag and I’ll be really tired of having just one thing all day by the end of it, it is only for one day and the next day is totally different.

I skipped yesterday’s exercise plan because the alternate plan I’m following has me taking a rest day one day out of every 5, but today I’m mountain biking after work, so I’m skipping the interval training exercises, which is what mountain biking is sometimes, and the weightlifting, because, well, my arm is still sore after Saturday’s workout and I’ll be too knackered when I get home from biking to drag the weights out!

Diet, day 4

Well I’m very very tired after last night! But I stuck to my plan and had diet drinks all night, except possibly for some of the drinks that were bought for me that may have been regular Coke.

Although today is a nice day because I can eat normal foods again (I had my traditional big weekend omelette with 2 slices of toast with butter and jam), it’s the toughest day as far as counting calories goes. Every slice of bread, every egg, every bit of meat has to be estimated for weight and added to my journal to make sure I don’t go too far over or under my nutrient goals for the day. I’m supposed to have 1650 calories spread out over several meals, with a nutrient split of 30% protein, 40% carbs, 30% fat.

It sounds really annoying to keep track of, but you only have to do the math once a week, after you weigh yourself and figure your body fat percentage, and and once you get the hang of how much food you need to eat it’s not that bad, really. But it is a pain in the ass when you start. The diet plan gives you the option of buying a worksheet that calculates how much food you need to eat if you just enter your weight and body fat percentage, but save the 12 bucks and skip the lazy person’s method, it really is simple math. You could do it on a Google Documents spreadsheet or Excel but it’s unnecessary.

Food enjoyed today:
3-egg omelette with onions, green peppers and hot sauce
toast with butter and jam
breakfast tea
Big Mac (yeah, really!) with the middle bun removed
chicken strips
a few (seriously, just a few) McD’s French fries
cold luncheon meats (ham, chicken, beef)
couple more slices of toast with butter

Diet, day 3

Going out to a club night tonight, so might have to ignore the diet for a short time, but I’ll have diet mixers as much as possible. I’m planning on sticking to rum and Diet Coke all night, at least it’s pretty close to zero-calorie.

Shake Day today. Not too bad, but I’m used to the taste of protein shakes. What’s strange is adding fat to the afternoon shakes.

The morning shakes are supposed to have carbs (if you use a blender to make the shakes, toss an apple or banana in there), and the afternoon shakes are supposed to have healthy fat, so you can add flaxseed oil or extra virgin olive oil. I forgot to add oil to one of my shakes and had to basically drink 2 tablespoons of olive oil…not pleasant! Adding it to the final shake of the day was at least better, but a strawberry-flavored shake with an aftertaste of olive oil is definitely not good either. Better, but not good.

Because I have different protein powders available from my days earlier in the year of trying to go too hardcore, my morning shakes are a different brand (Maximuscle Cylcone) from my brand of afternoon shakes (Nutrisport 90+) and the morning shakes have built-in carbs, so I don’t need to add fruit or whatever.

Still not feeling that hungry, strangely. But you don’t want to go into the bathroom right after me, either. Wowzers.

At least tomorrow is a normal food day.

Diet, day 2

Forgot to weigh myself yesterday, so I stepped on the scale this morning – 98.8kg, yikes.

Today is the second day of the diet cycle – Fast Day. Nothing but water and protein pills that have BCAA (Branched Chain Amino Acids, whatever they are). Not the tastiest thing in the world, but to be honest because of the amount of water I was having I didn’t feel that hungry.

At least tomorrow is different…just…

An actual diet, now

Bleah. So I fell off the wagon and went back to my normal-ish weight of about 97-98kg, which is at least 4-5kg less than I weighed when I first moved to the UK.

This week I decided to try my first ever ‘internet diet plan’ – you know, one of those sites with bright colors, pictures of really fit people and a really really long (tall) web page with lots of bold words and small paragraphs. It was an introductory offer and the exchange rate is still pretty good, so what the hey.

Anyway, it involves 5 5-day cycles (so 25 days) and fluctuates between a cheat day, a fasting day, a protein shake day, a normal food day and a protein-only day, then starts over again. Combined with targeted exercise that is different for each day, you’re supposed to be able to lose 20-25 pounds. In 25 days.

Well, one of my goals for this year was to lose 30 pounds, so I figured I may as well try this.

This diet isn’t just about food, it also involves a lot of exercise, because everything I’ve read (and I do believe this) says that building an extra bit of muscle and lifting heavy things is one of the fastest ways to lose weight. It does just make sense. Cardio can be too boring for me and I prefer to follow a strict weightlifting plan, so I’m doing an alternate workout plan put out by a friend/affiliate of the guy who released the full diet plan. I’m also not following the alternate exercise plan to the exact letter because of social commitments (a night out coming up, plus a weekend holiday coming up) but I’m confident I’ll still lose 15-20 pounds at least…so here’s hoping my next official weigh-in (tomorrow morning) goes well!

Today is Cheat Day, so woo-hoo! An easy start, I’m liking this. Still have to exercise, though, so off to work out.