Why Use Linux?

Yeah…I haven’t posted in a while, on either of my blogs or any of the ‘social’ sites I have pages on. It’s a combination of busy/lazy…but I’m going to try to keep up with a sort-of regular posting schedule.

On my recent Google Reader travels I came across something from PCMech.com that was linked on Reddit.com, basically a commentary about why people ought to try Linux. Apparently the guy who wrote the bit had been in an argument with a Windows diehard geek about the merits and supposed failings of using Linux as a personal operation system, and was simply unable to get past the FUD (Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt) that surrounds Linux.

Here’s the piece if you care to read it (it’s not very long), but if you want to skip all that, my suggestion is that you download an Ubuntu LiveCD (most people can simply use this link if they are not using a 64-bit cpu), burn it to a blank CD, and restart your machine with the CD in the drive. You’ll go right to a ‘LiveCD’ version of the Ubuntu Linux system that will let you test-drive everything in the system. You don’t need to use the console to install anything (all commonly used programs that might not be installed can be downloaded using the mouse, windows and buttons), you’ll be able to browse the internet right away, plus edit/open files of most types. The LiveCD experience is a bit slower because it’s running off a CD, not your hard drive, but for most people doing most things, Ubuntu really is all you need!