Me fingers are greasy!

The other day, while adjusting the rear derailleur (the springy bit with the 2 pulleys) on my commuter bike, I managed to adjust the chain into the spokes, which bent the derailleur so much it wouldn’t work.

So instead of riding my commuter bike to work the past couple of days, I’ve been on my mountain bike, which still has its semi-slick road tires on.

Popped over to Wiggle yesterday and ordered a new derailleur, it arrived today (probably didn’t have to get priority delivery but it was good to get it next day) and I put it on the mountain bike. I figured, why put the brand new (quite nice) derailleur on the commuter, the unit from the mountain bike is good enough for the commuter, if older, but it won’t get as much abuse as the unit on the mountain bike.

It was a surprisingly easy swap, too, took about 15 minutes total. I’m not entirely confident adjusting the shifter cable tension with the barrel adjusters but everything seems to shift just fine, except for shifting off the largest cog, but I’ll see how it shifts while I’m riding it. While I was at it I tightened up the front derailleur cable as well, because it wasn’t wanting to shift to the big chainring and I usually have to coast downhill instead of pedal.

Here’s a picture of the mountain bike with the road tires on it, I’ve already taken the rack and bags off the back:

This is on the bike rack at work. The reflective tape will be coming off the wheels and I’ll probably move the cycle computer over to the commuter.