The cat tower I built last weekend

…and before I go on, the kitten LOVES it:

and Yogi at the top of the tower, enjoying the view

and doing her squirrel impression

lazing about in the box (which is big for a kitten, but I was thinking of possibly 2 adult cats)

Another cool thing is, this counts as one of my Day Zero Project goals 🙂 #39: make something out of wood

New Kitten!!

I posted on my Facebook thingy (no, I’m not really that old) about ‘applying’ to re-home a kitten, well we got approved after a visit to the neighborhood by the charity, visited the foster home and the next day this week formerly feral kitten was delivered to us:

Her name is Yogi (the daughter of the foster home lady named her)

and she’s a lovely little energetic ball of fuzz

I could only get pictures of when she was sleeping (mostly because I was too busy playing with her)

She’s integrated with people really well, the foster/charity lady did a really good job, and she loves to lie between us as we watch TV or read or whatever.

I want to train her to be more of a lap cat, but right now she’ll lay in my lap for a while, then wake up and move back to her pillow

We might think about taking in one of her sisters (might be half-sisters) but they have a little way to go yet, they are still very shy and wary around people. But so cute!

She seems to be adapting really well, although after 4 days she still hasn’t been in the kitchen She can play football (with ping pong balls) really well, though! They definitely tire her out, plus anything on a bungee string with feathers.

(trying out the artsy option on my phone camera)

Yogi was re-homed through Leeds Cat Rescue, they were on a nationwide directory of cats that need homes, then we clicked through and there were pictures of the available cats and kittens. The shots are paid for, she’s been ‘chipped and the spaying is already arranged. The feral mother was trapped (along with all the kittens), spayed, then released – she’ll never be anyone’s cat but the kittens are making their way to new homes, instead of under the corner shop where they lived.

Getting all the ‘cat tat’ was half the fun (and I forgot to include the carrier and some toys in this pic!)