Wal-Mart: lets Mexican kids work for no pay

When I was growing up, one of the ‘dream jobs’ of the local military kids was to bag groceries and take them to people’s cars. With officers and their wives and everyone shopping at the base commisary, these kids knew they would get good tips if they worked even moderately hard. I never got a chance to do it, and I’m glad I never applied to be a bagger at any of the local non-military grocery stores. From what I was told, the kids got a very small amount of pay because it was expected they’d have really good tips.

Wal-Mart, however, they’re happy to let poor Mexican kids work for NO pay to bag and cart groceries for people who make about four bucks a DAY. FOUR dollars a DAY. That’s two British pounds a day for folks in the UK, about three euro fifty. That’s ridiculous. Apparently it’s legal because the kids are ‘volunteering’ but they’re basically just taking advantage of poor people to provide free services at their stores.

More at this story.

Folks, don’t shop at Wal-Mart. I love cheap prices and ridiculous deals as much as the next person, but they’re basically a Chinese company with American front-office staff. They treat their employees like shit, close small family-owned businesses in the areas they open up, don’t really care about organic certification, allow their workers in China to work in conditions no American would put up with, hire illegal immigrants and do loads of other not very nice things. All for the sake of higher and higher profits for their stockholders, not to save you anything.

Check out this video, Wal-Mart: The High Cost of Low Prices for some revealing info.

It just gets worse and worse.

OK I’m not the most politically active person in the world, but just check out these headlines that someone on Reddit took the time to compile:

Do you people begin to realize what the fuck is happening?

Click the links to get to the news stories.

Someone I  know is moving to the US soon, and you know what? I wouldn’t want to go back, not with this type of crap dominating the headlines. Or actually, NOT dominating the headlines. It’s only the subversive alternative media and journalists that are covering this type of thing, not the mainstream media.

When will it end? What will Bush turn the US into? When will people get tired of this shit?

creationism & ‘intelligent design’ vs actual, useful, REAL scientific research

I’ll just put it bluntly. Creationists are fucking morons. And anyone who is against stem cell research? More fucking idiots.

You know how Americans like to make fun of the French? Well, right now French scientists are repairing the damaged hearts of lab rats while fucking morons are pouring money into delusionary creationist museums that say dinosaurs and humans used to walk side by side.

Children in some places in the US are being taught that dinosaurs still exist, when the money used to fund creationist lunacy could go to starving families or disaster relief or…dare I say it…US stem cell research.

Silly, stupid people

The University of Berkeley wants to build something that will require moving a few trees, and some wannabe environmentalists (scruffy people who want to live in trees) and nudist activists get together to ‘make something happen’.

Check it out here

I’m all for environmentalism and everything, but when crass publicity stunts and people-who-should-have-a-job-but-decide-to-live-in-trees-and-survive-on-handouts get in the way of the actual issue (which, according the link above, isn’t really an issue in the first place!), it all starts becoming white noise and easily ignored.