Bush: ‘Outside forces tend to divide people up.’

Yesterday, President Bush defended his decision not to send U.S. troops into the Darfur genocide, saying he learned lessons from the genocide in Rwanda. Ignorant of the comparison to Iraq, Bush said foreign troops would only be divisive and “unbelievably counterproductive”:

BUSH: A clear lesson I learned in the museum was that outside forces that tend to divide people up inside their country are unbelievably counterproductive. In other words, people came from other countries — I guess you’d call them colonialists — and they pitted one group of people against another.

See the video here.


Palestinians & Egyptians upset they were ripped off by each other

This is too funny.

Well…the Palestinian/Israeli conflict isn’t funny, really, but this little story is.

Apparently when masked gunmen blew up a wall in the Gaza Strip that had kept Palestinians in place, allowing them easy entry into Egypt, they took money with them to buy non-essential items that Israel had banned them from buying. Shopkeepers on the Egypt side were only too happy to sell them whatever they liked, and all of this led to a few problems for the shopkeepers, local shoppers and the Palestinian visitors:

  1. The local folks complained that everything had sold out and prices shot up because of supply and demand.
  2. The visiting Palestinians complained that the shopkeepers had sold foods that were past their expiration date (this happens in the UK, too, mostly with Asian/Middle Eastern shopkeepers, but at least they’re marked ‘out of date’)
  3. and finally, the shopkeepers complained that the Palestinians had used counterfeit money to buy the expired foods.

This little tidbit comes from Israel Today, a site that apparently takes the joy of confining people in a dusty, rock-strewn cage and seeing what happens, then reporting on it to the rest of the world.

A politics post

purely on the issues (check them out here http://www.2decide.com/table.htm) for me the choice for candidates is between Mike Gravel, Barack Obama and Hillary (Billary?) Clinton. On paper, looking strictly on the stark yes/no support of the issues, they are all very similar or the same (although all but Gravel support possible military action against Iran, which I don’t necessarily agree with), so it makes it pretty tough to decide without the constant bombardment of TV commercials, interviews and news shows, which I probably wouldn’t watch anyway.

I would have to say that at the moment I’m an Obama fan. I never listen to speeches and whatnot but what he said after the South Carolina win was mostly pretty good (part 1 and 2). My only concern with him is his experience. Compare him to someone like Ron Paul, who’s introduced or signed loads of various bills, and the shimmer starts to fade. But he does have the hopes and dreams and ideals of a huge number of people (like Caroline Kennedy) on his shoulders. I just hope he can live up to them.

Mike Gravel matches me more closely on the issues, but Obama has far more support and is more likely to win the candidacy.

I have to say that I can’t believe that I ever ‘big upped’ Ron Paul, though – he says what a lot of people like to hear in video clips and has been the media underdog by being shut out of debates, but his stances on the major issues are appalling, IMO. He’s basically pro-ANWR drilling, anti-Kyoto treaty, pro-gun lobby, for the border fence (which all the other Dems I mentioned above are for, boo on them!)…at least he’s anti-Iraq/Iran war and pro-healthcare. I do like that he says he’d get rid of the IRS though! I did an online candidate/issues check to see who would match me, and Paul came up close to my views last year. Now, though…he’s quite far from my ideal.

I’m not really for or against Hillary Clinton – I voted for Bill the first time and I think the second time as well, because he made the effort to reach out to young people (he even answered face to face questions on MTV, for Pete’s sake) when Bush Sr. couldn’t be bothered (must have been all the oil money flowing his way). I think that Barack seems to exude a lot more charisma and character than Hillary, and this is the sort of thing that is going to decide the Democratic candidate for President. Hillary’s early support of the Iraq war isn’t going to help either!

For me, the issue is not ‘first female president’ or ‘first Black president’ – it’s about ‘who the people think will do the best job and fix the fuckups of Bush Jr & Co.’ And unfortunately for the Republican candidates apart from Dr Paul (who is quite unlike any of the other candidates), in the minds of most people that means ‘no more Republicans’.

Check out an online ‘candidate calculator’ here: http://www.vajoe.com/candidate_calculator.html

It gets your views (yes/no/unsure) about all the major issues, lets you assign how important you think each issue is, and gives you your best and worst matches. It is very very helpful, and perfect for someone like me who doesn’t get (or want) to see daily news shows, debates and speeches. Just cut out the clutter and give me the facts, man!

You can also get a simple chart to see how each existing candidate feels about all the major issues: http://www.2decide.com/table.htm There are also links to each candidate’s official web page.

What the hell is a primary, anyway?

Seriously, I just have no clue. The US presidential election system is so convoluted that I have trouble explaining to to the Brits who ask, and I just have no idea how to explain it properly.

I basically tell them it comes down to who has the most money.

Which…is pretty sad.

So I looked up the presidential primaries entry on Wikipedia. Here’s the link. I’m pretty confident this is the correct info (some things you have to be skeptical about on Wikipedia, but with a current event like the primaries these entries get scrutinized pretty well).

So…well, yeah. Now I know. Sorta.

Zeitgeist: must-see movie

This is a truly moving documentary that challenges us to question the popular and common beliefs that we have. People like to feel safe in their protective bubble and just move along in their little rat maze, while others want to know what is on the other side of the maze wall. The guys who made this documentary wanted to fly out of the maze and jump into the face of the people watching!

The documentary exposes three invasive things that affect everyone, especially people in America, right now: the origins of our modern religions, the 9/11 conspiracy, and the background of the dominating war industry.

The first part of this documentary, just 26 minutes long, explains and proves that the ‘Bible’ is nothing more than an astrotheological literary hybrid.

“The Christian religion is a parody on the worship of the sun, in which they put a man called Christ in the place of the sun, and pay him the adoration originally payed to the sun.” -Thomas Paine

Watch it for free here, courtesy of Google Video

If you thought ‘The Passion of the Christ’ would test your faith, that was nothing. A speck of dirt compared to this thing. From the very beginning, it explains that the stories of Jesus of Nazareth are just copies and plagiarism of many many prophets and saviors stretching back to thousands of years ago, starting with the sun worship of the Egyptians, who probably copied their belief from someone else. Proof after proof, and example after example follow. It’s not just Christianity – ancient Greek and Roman religions, Paganism, Eastern religions and more all follow the same formula of astrological symbology, specific number sequences and more.

Seriously – if you put all your faith into a book you call the bible, doesn’t it make sense to find out where it comes from?

Things like this may challenge how you think, but if you close your eyes and your ears and just follow what you’ve been taught since birth, how strong is that belief, really?

…following on from this questioning of common popular belief, the documentary moves to 9/11.

I know what you’re thinking!

‘9/11 – it’s been discussed so much! Why go over it again and again?’

For the first several minutes of part 2, Zeitgeist goes over many of the plot points that (what we can only call) conspiracy theorists go over, and what we’ve all heard before: the Pentagon wasn’t hit by a plane and the FBI refuses to release survellance video footage from the surrounding buildings, 6 of the 19 supposed hijackers are still alive, no plane debris or bodies were found at the Pentagon or Flight 93 crash sites, etc. This is all pretty damn suspicious, of course!

From 14:15 into the second part (link here), the documentary goes into further detail, stuff I didn’t even know about. Evidence of thermite use, an explosive used in demolition, was found at the World Trade Center site. Pools of molten metal were found under the WTC buildings at temperatures higher than jet fuel can even burn. The center support columns were slash-cut, just like demolition crews do for buildings – how could randomly falling debris do that? The WTC buildings fell at free-fall speeds, as fast as a billiard ball dropped from the top of the buildings – as if the supports were removed in a controlled demolition. Multiple videos of WTC 7 collapsing show the distinctive center crumple of a building that is being demolished so that it doesn’t damage other buildings. The official 911 Commission documents don’t mention many of these things. Sound like the Warren report to you? How can the 911 Commission say the funding of the terrorists wasn’t significant? Why didn’t Bush and Cheney

Hey – I was kind of a skeptic before because the evidence didn’t seem to be there, but now…I’m pretty convinced. I’ll be checking out more of this stuff to help fully convince me – which is the point of the documentary, to question and confirm for your own self what you believe.

The third part of Zeigeist goes into the background of the American banking and war industries, and finishes by tying these into the current wars in Afghanistan and Iraq (soon to be Iran). Anyone who’s looked into the sinking of the Lusitania and how it provoked America to join WWI, the bombing of Pearl Harbor and America’s entrance into WWII, the Gulf of Tonkin Incident and how it got America into Vietnam, won’t be surprised how 9/11 has gotten America into two, soon to be three wars that no one wanted in the first place. Anyone who is familar with Hitler’s rise to power know that he set fire to his own government buildings, blamed it on communists and had laws passed to protect the fatherland, which allowed him to stage wars with innocent nations.

But think of this also: the Patriot Act, the Homeland Security Act, the Military Tribunals Act, and other new laws put into place since 9/11 happened have destroyed American civil liberties and according to some people are putting the pieces together for the coming police state. Americans can’t fight back any more against what they think is wrong and inhumane.

Did you know that as an American, your home can be searched without a warrant and without you being present? You can be arrested with no charges revealed to you, held indefinitely (i.e., as long as the government wants), without access to a lawyer to help you? You can even be tortured legally. How to accomplish this laundry list of joydom? Just be suspected of being a terrorist.

“Oh, I don’t wear a turban or have a long beard so I don’t have to worry about that!” you might say.

Yet this is exactly the kind of thing the makers of Zeitgeist are encouraging people to break out of. So do give it a watch.