Yes, I’m sad

Sad enough to put the ’24’ CTU ringtone on my mobile, that is!

I just started watching the fourth season last night and I’m already well into it. Pretty silly and TV-ish, I know (I mean, really – when does anyone eat? or use the toilet? or sleep?) but it’s good entertainment anyway.

Awesome flip-card stadium prank!

High school football game prank

Wesucksign During a recent football game, Kyle Garchar of Hilliard Davidson High School in Ohio and his pals pulled a great prank on their rivals from Hilliard Darby High School. Before the game started, they placed a black or white card on each seat in three sections of the stadium where the Hilliard Darby fans would be sitting. Attached instructions urged the fans to hold up the cards at the start of the third quarter to collectively spell out the message “Go Darby.” In reality, the cards spelled out “We suck.” Yay! Garchar and his co-conspirators were rewarded with three days of in-school suspension and were banned from school activities for the semester. Boo! The prank was inspired by a similar trick pulled on Harvard by Yale in 2004.

Link to news video