RIP Gary Gygax

Gary Gygax, considered the father of role-playing games, died last week. Whether or not you care for or ever played Dungeons & Dragons, it’s very likely that if you’ve watched movies or TV in the past 2 or 3 decades your life has somehow been touched by someone who was inspired by this guy’s work.

I’ve been playing D&D and other role-playing games (RPG’s) in some form or another since I was 13 or so, and I still play pretty much every week. It’s no longer a massive obsession for me, but it’s still a big part of my life.

Wired has a great article about Gary, with more stuff about Gary to come.

Comments on Recent News

Prozac is but a myth:

Is there anyone not really surprised by this? After decades of use and constant media mention, there’s really not much in Prozac after all? A wide-ranging report basically said Prozac isn’t any more helpful than a placebo sugar pill. That tells me that depression and curing is more a state of mind than a chemical imbalance. It also lessens the importance of psychology (or at least psychiatrists). I mean, hookers get paid to listen to lonely men talk, isn’t that a more viable way to pass the time when you’re paying $300 an hour? That’s a terrible analogy I know, but you get the point. You can talk to a friend for free – why pay someone to prescribe you drugs?

Missing UK government laptop with confidential info CD bought on eBay:

Seriously, is this the state of government security these days? Hard drives go missing from Los Alamos (consistently), CDs with vital info of UK military applicants and citizens go walkabout, and someone buys the damn thing on eBay? I have to wonder if my details are floating about on the internet or in some cracker’s bedroom, waiting to be taken off the CD. Do the people responsible for this kind of thing know about GPS tracking? RFID tracking? Anything of use? Really.

Oh, happy leap year! Do a li’l jump or something.