I know what you’re thinking: “Why did Frank put an exclamation mark after the word ‘vitamins’ in his blog post title? I mean, vitamins are exciting enough without needing an exclamation mark!”

That’s where your thoughts were headed, right?

I’m sure they were!

Krill Oil, 1000mg – More potent than standard fish oil or cod liver oil, Omega-3 fatty acids help with all sorts of things, from adding antioxidants, improving mood, helping skin condition, hair and more. Most medical experts recommend per day 600iu. More info here

Vitamin D3, 5000iu – This and Vitamin K have researchers really excited. Helps with weight control, controls 2,000 of the 30,000 genes in humans, has a role in autoimmune diseases like MS and even cancer and melanoma. It’s a big deal! Although you can get Vitamin D from normal sun exposure, many people aren’t able to get enough time in the sun, and you can’t get Vitamin D in food like you can with other vitamins. D3 is the most potent and hardest to get in foods, so supplements it is. Up to 5000iu per day is recommended by many for adults.

Vitamin K, 90mcg – Lowers the risk of coronary or artery problems, and great for bones too. More info here

Green tea extract – Not sure how much my pills are (I don’t have the original bottle any more), but green tea is an antioxidant, has caffiene (so good to take in the mornings) and also slightly speeds up your metabolism so you burn a little more energy

Chlorella, 1000mg – Recent research is really glorifying this as a major antioxidant. (Antioxidants help slow free radicals, which basically cause aging) This particular one has been shown to help prevent or ease the symptoms of hypertension, anemia, diabetes, acute stress, fibromyalgia, liver cancer and others.

Multivitamin – To top up whatever I might miss from my normal meals. Lots of people who read up on vitamins might say ‘well you just piss out all those vitamins anyway’, which might be true if you’re taking in the vitamins you need with the food you eat. Well, I don’t think I get enough vitamins from the food I eat. Especially when lunch is a protein shake and dinner is a bag of microwave popcorn (common when I’m REALLY low on money). So, multivitamin it is.

Selenium, 100ug -another antioxidant, as well as other possible beneficial effects

I just thought this might be interesting to put in the blog because when people see me popping my pills they wonder ‘what the hell?!’

Just a note – nearly all the links above have sales links or affiliate links to online sales sites, it’s basically impossible to Google anything regarding health issues without finding a site that has an online sales catalog.

4 thoughts on “Vitamins!

    • I really don’t know which is the best, I just find a cheap brand online that is calls itself natural (and hopefully it is, I don’t have the money to get the absolute best) and get that.

    • I based my intake of Vit. D on Mercola’s other articles, but haven’t had the time to watch/listen to his videos on it – I’ll give this one a watch soon, thanks!

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