So now I have ‘a writing blog’

Yep, I’m one of those people now…desperate wannabe writers blogging for fruitless endeavors and little money.

Anyway, the blog is called Frank the Writer because I couldn’t think of a better name. How about that! I do love irony.

The plan is to write up to a few hundred words per day, ‘live’, so to speak, on the site, and every now and then gather up all the words into a chapter, then do another chapter, and on and on until I have a story.

I’ve never done anything like this so hopefully it becomes something like a completed work and then I can self-publish it as a Kindle book or something! Whoo!

So (cue very tired and lame attempt to get pity visits) if you’re bored and lonely and want a laugh, head on over to my writing blog and have a look.

2 thoughts on “So now I have ‘a writing blog’

    • Thanks! Just looking over your blog as well – pretty cool! I like the ‘The Rise of a Story Without the Fall’ post and you’ve highlighted a couple of sites I should probably be checking out in-depth!

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