Marathon training (temporarily) derailed

What the hell…

So I hurt my knee on Wednesday, limped around on Thursday and felt fine on Friday. I went for a very slow 2-mile jog (instead of the 3-miler called for in the schedule), did the scheduled rest on Saturday (knee feld fine but I could feel a twinge in my hip) and attempted a slow jog yesterday (6 miles was the scheduled run but I started with attempting 3).

This was a bad idea, methinks, because although I slowed down and walked every time I felt the knee pain, I started getting a cramp in my calf on the same leg. I’m guessing this might because I was altering my gait to compensate? It’s the same calf that gets cramped after a heavy mountain biking session, though, so I’m not sure what to think about the cramp. I did massage it and stretch it for quite a bit and I can feel it today but nowhere near as much.

I’m skipping the biking tonight and resting until at least Wednesday, which is the next scheduled run. I’m a bit annoyed now because my first week of actual training is pretty much totally shot, and possibly the second week too.

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