Going to do a marathon

Yeah. A freakin’ marathon.

This is part of my Day Zero Project, which for me officially started last Thursday, January 13th.

I posted about this a couple of posts back, then didn’t make time to make a post on the ‘official’ start date, which is 1001 days before my 40th birthday. By then, I plan to have completed 101 goals that will hopefully have made me more confident, fun, outgoing, blah blah blah – basically it’s just a list of things I want to do, and 2.7 or so years is a reasonable enough time to do this kind of thing. So there it is.

The marathon is just one thing on the list. I should probably get going with some of the things that are, like, ‘do this thing for a week’ or whatever. I’d hoped to have finished The Count of Monte Cristo (the book, I’ve seen the movie a few times) so I could start ‘fresh’ with the 101 books I want to read in the next 994 days, but since I was less than halfway through it a week ago I think I can count that as one of the books I’ve read during this time. Next I’ll read some other, shorter, faster books to get on track because there’s still a way to go just on the book-reading list.

One of the things I was conscious of when making this list of 101 things to do is to not list too many things that will cost a lot of money. I’d love to have a track day in a Porsche, for example, but that would cost a few hundred quid, so I left things like that off. Same thing with jet boating across the Atlantic or learning to fly a real helicopter. Some things will cost money, like hiking across England on the Coast to Coast trail – that’s 2 weeks of walking and at least £600 in total just for food and B&B accomodation, but most of the things are simple and free. The marathon entry fees will be £37 and maybe the cost of a new pair of running shoes (£70-90), and that’s it – I’ve got running shorts, shirts and socks, plus GPS apps and music on my phone.

So here’s hoping I finish! I’ve got a £5 bet riding on this.

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