Tiger Woods divorces his wife…so what?

I’m glad I don’t watch sports news, because I really don’t care about the private life of pretty much any sports person or politician or celebrity. I know people are interested in things like this, but I’ve never seen the point. Unfortunately, I didn’t hear about any blowback about this sort of thing until ‘nice guy Tiger’ was the subject of all this media scrutiny and when it was Kobe or other people there was no one saying ‘OK, enough’s enough’.

I guess when it’s idiots like the Jersey Shore or The Hills cast that want to have the media crawling all over them because that’s the only way they can get publicity, the media and the public get confused and think that all people in the public eye want that level of media coverage.

I understand that some people just seem to want to see popular people in trouble, but then you have daytime TV and afternoon ‘entertainment news’ shows and supermarket magazines that do nothing but repeat the same stories as each other, and bored housewives and tie-wearing sports fan share a common ground by getting engrossed in someone else’s misfortune.

Is it really as simple as that?

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