So some co-workers are going to Vegas…

I’ve tried to give them the gist of what they’ll see:

  • everyone smoking inside (this is a bit of a shocker coming from UK/EU)
  • old people stuffing dollars and nickels into slot machines
  • no ‘whales’ or big-money spenders – they’re kept isolated with their $100 slot machines
  • someone blowing hundreds of dollars at blackjack or roulette or poker, busting out, then taking out more bills to give to the dealer/croupier
  • lots of trophy wives (well, wife for the night)
  • limousines
  • off-road trucks going up and down the Strip
  • blazing hot heat
  • douchebags in loud shirts

And of course the places they should visit:

  • Bellagio
  • Ceasar’s Palace
  • Paris
  • New York New York (used to be my favorite)
  • In n Out Burger