Figured out my plateau

So the last couple of weeks I’ve basically stalled on my fat loss plateau. I’d hit 199 lbs once or twice but wasn’t able to stay there for more than a couple of days. The last week or so I’ve been stuck at 91 or 92kg, about 101-103 lbs.

What I tend to do when this happens is track my calories using one site or another, and I realized I was basically eating too much. When I cooked up two 1/2 lb burgers, I’d eat both instead of saving one. When I had 4 pork chops marinading, I’d eat all 4. For lunch, I’d cook up two chicken breasts and eat both.

Plus, not enough salad veg. So for a couple of days last week I tracked my calories and figured out I was eating more calories than I thought I was – I tend to do this every couple of months because I hit a stall.

So for the next couple of weeks I’ll continue with my usually weekday breakfast (bacon or chorizo with 3 eggs) but I’ll have one chicken breast for lunch instead of the two I’ve been having. Dinner will be whatever I have on hand, usually a tuna or salmon steak, a large burger, a grilled chicken breast, or whatever, plus steamed veg from the freezer.

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