Kind of on a stall with weight loss – time to hit the weights!

I didn’t pig out on food or anything, I’ve never been a comfort eater, but my weight has stayed stagnant for the last couple of weeks, hovering around 90kg or 200 lbs.

Although I’ve lost 15+ pounds in the last few months (about a pound a week) I’m pretty sure I’m in a stall, so I’m going to get back on the wagon and start working out this week.

I should have done some working out last week to get rid of some bad energy, but I just did a 2-hour mountain bike ride today, I’m tired as hell and I’ll lift weights a couple of times this week and do high-intensity interval training 2-3 times as well to get right back into the program I was doing several weeks ago.

So, tomorrow: the weights!

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