What’s your personality result?

These personality tests have been around online for a while, but this one based on the work of Carl Jung keeps cropping up from time to time: the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, or MBTI.

Some people don’t put much faith in them, thinking they’re basically an online version of cold reading (seen a John Edwards show? if so, you’ve seen cold reading), but I think this one has some merit.

I came out as ‘ESFP‘ or Extroverted 1%, Sensing 12%, Feeling 25%, Perceiving 33% – a classic ‘Performer’ mentality, with an aptitude for advertising, marketing, public relations, acting/performing and other possible career fields.

I know when I’ve taken this test in the past I’ve been Introverted instead of Extroverted, but maybe this recent test result was because I had a few drinks that night…either way I’ll take it again in a more sober and calm state and see where I am.

It’s an interesting test, even if you just want to see how wrong it is for you – for me and several people I know, it came out pretty close, even down to picking the ‘right’ career field.

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