Was away for the weekend – back on the diet & exercise

As I posted yesterday, I was out of town for a long weekend and wasn’t able to ‘diet’ properly, so I just tried to eat mostly protein and keep carbs limited to fruit and veg, with bread to a minimum…actually that doesn’t sound much different to a normal low-carb diet week!

Because we were camping and had a BBQ and a couple of gas canister cooking plates, we bought food for breakfast each day (basically bacon and eggs, except for the final day, when I had muesli because of the time it took to take down the tent and pack up). We also bought food for dinner for a couple of nights (lamb burgers one night and burgers & kebabs another night). Then we ate out a couple of nights – Nando’s for lots of chicken (no fries) and a cheat meal at Pizza Hut on the last night. At the actual Festival of Spee, we ate (mostly) sensibly, while carrying around lots of water (with ice packs) and tons fruit to munch on. It was ‘festival food’, so mostly burgers, roast beef, etc., (I didn’t have much of the bread, just a couple of bites) but we did have ice cream a couple of times as a treat.

So after four days away I weighed myself yesterday morning and was just under 93kg, about the same weight I was last Wednesday when we left! Mission accomplished – I didn’t want to gain any weight over the weekend, so woo-hoo!

Yesterday I had a killer migraine, and I was still tired from all the driving/walking/sun, so no mountain biking, but I’ll pick up where I left off with the lifting tonight, after I finish unpacking the car and before watching the Uruguay/Netherlands World Cup game.

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