Had to put the cat to sleep :(

My GF and I had to take her cat to the emergency vet Saturday morning, she had a blood clot (couldn’t move one of her back legs) and with recent vet bills adding up and no promise of preventing future blood clots we had to take the decision to put her to sleep. I’d only known the cat for just under 5 years, and only saw her 2-3 times a month at most, but she’d grown to like me and I’d grown to like her quite a bit (I need furry things I can cuddle and play with from time to time, I guess). It was really really sad, I’d never been with a pet that was being put to sleep before – I’d seen it exactly once, the one time I watched Animal Hospital on Discovery, and that reminded me why I couldn’t work with animals. She had a good long life (for an outdoor cat with a heart condition) though, and we even had our own little private time the day before.

The whole experience bummed me out the whole weekend, but my GF was at least prepared for it because of recent vet visits. I was even prompted to re-start journaling last night to get all my feelings out (I’ve been wanting to start up again) and I’ll go through all the pets I can remember in the near future, because they’ve been such a part of my life in many cases.

Also, my frustrations with my laptop trackpad while typing for 2 hours led me to Google for solutions to the stupid ‘jumping cursor’ problem while typing on a laptop, and I found Touchfreeze, which is awesome and helps me not want to toss my laptop out the window.