The daily grind

Well I wouldn’t say my life is super-busy, but when I have a project I want to do – like, say, repainting my car’s body panels, which I started to do last summer- it always takes way too long to reach the finish, if I even get anywhere near it at all. I have so many little projects and things I want to do that I can’t get to them all and can’t prioritize what to do, plus schedule them around the stuff I’m already doing.

In general, this would be my perfect weekday – assuming I don’t win the lottery:

  • 6:30-7 AM :: wake up, meditate for 15-20 minutes (not meditating at the moment, but I’d like to – I should start up again)
  • Shower, shave, dress, etc.
  • Nice sit-down breakfast (right now on the low-carb plan I’m having 4 eggs with salsa/cheese and 3 slices of bacon most mornings)
  • 7:45-8 :: leave for work (if I was riding my bike to work I’d leave around 6:30 if biking all the way or 7:15 if biking halfway)
  • 5:45-6 PM :: get home and talk with my girlfriend
  • 6:30-7:30 :: exercise (with podcast or music in the background) and shower
  • 8:00 :: nice healthy sit-down dinner, watch TV or a movie
  • 10:00 :: turn off the TV/computer
  • Write in a journal (note I don’t say ‘my journal’, because I haven’t started one) or work on a story/writing
  • Pull out a book and get comfy
  • 11:00 (or earlier) :: lights off, get some sleep
  • Rinse and repeat

This would be the ideal day. Normally I’m still up and at my computer, reading websites and watching videos and whatnot, until past midnight, but I’m slowly slowly slowly getting to the point where I can have the computer off by 11 or 12 at night more often than not, and I can settle down and get to bed. I think the regular exercise helps (with getting out frustrations from work and being tired at night!)  and so does waking up early most days. Usually I’m up at 7 or so, if I’m lazy I’m out of bed by half past. If I have to exercise I’m up at 6:30.

I dunno. I’m getting better at it, but even in the ‘ideal day’ there’s not much room for project stuff – and I don’t even have kids! I don’t know how parents of young kids do it.

I guess this mind-vomit type of blog post gets me to the point where I decide that I should start meditating again in the mornings. That might help me prepare for the workday ahead! Once I have that down firm I might start journaling and see where that takes me.

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