Low-carb update

OK, a little update.

If you recall, I did the Xtreme Fat Loss Diet, which I started on the 5th of May. I ended it at the end of May, with a couple of days of slippage here and there. But I did 95% of the workouts I was supposed to do, plus fast days, shake days and more, on and on.

After that ended, I ate sensibly for a few days, then last week I started a low-carb diet combined with regular exercise 5-6 days a week (weightlifting and HIIT) and 2 days of fasting per week.

Here’s the weight chart, starting from the 5th of May all the way to today:

The solid circles are actual weight checks, the empty circles are estimated weights for that day. The blue line is my weighted average weight, and when I weighed less than my average weight that shows up as green, above-average weights are red. So the more I’m in the green, the better. It looks more complicated than it is!

As you can see, at the beginning of the Xtreme Fat Loss Diet (XFLD from now on) I was about 98.7, and at the end of the month I was about 97.3. I lost about two and a half pounds or just over a kilogram.

Since the end of the XFLD and starting a low-carb diet, I’ve gone from 97.5 down to 94.5 or so…I don’t know about you, but that’s more weight lost in a week than I lost in the previous month.

This is the longest I’ve been under 210 lbs for years, probably since I was actually gaining weight from 200 to 220. When I moved to the UK I was 225 lbs, or 102.3kg, so I’ve lost over 15 lbs in 6.5 years. Not too shabby, but I want to lose more.

One thing I’ll have to change is fasting on days I’m set to go mountain biking, or maybe taking in a protein/carb shake before setting off – yesterday I was really really tired for the second half of the ride, but part of that was my ride partners not stopping to rest very often. That’s OK since I have to be pushed a bit, but I was getting pretty damn tired in places I hadn’t been tired before! I’ll have to try biking with something in my stomach first, if that doesn’t work I’ll move my fasting day.

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