Diet, day 20 (I think)

I’ve lost track a bit of what day I’m on, but regardless the diet is still going good.

The last time I weighed myself, last Friday, I’d dropped an inch and a half in my waist and lost a little bit more weight. The number on the scale doesn’t mean too much (although it is nice to see it go down), what’s more important is fitting better/looser in my clothes! I might also be gaining some muscle through the workouts and protein I’m taking in, which is great because having muscles mean I burn more calories while I’m doing literally nothing.

Over the weekend I went away for a few days – more on that in another post – so I didn’t work out Friday (which was going to be a rest day anyway, Saturday (oops, meant to work out that day) or yesterday/Monday (ack, I really did mean to work out but was knackered after driving back!). So, although I brought my 16kg kettlebell with me, I didn’t bring it up to the yurt – a good 250 yards away…up a hill, I was too tired after dragging all the bags and food with me from the car to get the damned thing. I did, however use nearly-full 20-liter jerry cans of water to do some rows with on Sunday as part of the protein-only day workout. I figured those things were at least 16-18kg each, quite a decent workout just with them, definitely went to exhaustion on the rows.

Today is pill day (fasting all day, no calories whatsoever, just BCAA protein pills) which means yesterday was CHEAT DAY – so I had a huge breakfast pastry and soon after a big English breakfast (4 bacon rashers, 2 sausages, 2 poached eggs, mushrooms, tomatos, fried bread…I skipped the black pudding) and later on nearly a full large pizza with garlic bread and chicken breast strips. And full-fat Coke here and there as well 🙂

I’ve got a stag do this weekend, a friend is getting married soon but rather than a full on British ‘stag weekend’ some younger guys might do, we’ve got a day full of activities planned and a big drunken night out. No getting around it in regards to the diet, and I’ve already massaged the eating plan once for the weekend just gone, but at least the day we’re all going out is an actual Cheat Day according to the plan, so I can have a fast food lunch and later on pig out on the Mexican dinner. The hard part will be recovering the next day, which is a Fast Day – but I’m not *really* planning to get *that* wasted…we’ll have to see though 😉 At least I’ll be exercising every day for the next week, to ‘make up’ for not exercising for a couple of days just recently.

The ‘Lost’ finale

I’m not a Lost-o-phile, and I rarely think too much about what shows I see on TV, but it annoys me that even *I*, a person who needs weekly recaps for the simplest shows, can understand that everyone didn’t die in the very beginning of the show, and the ending of the series didn’t mean the whole show was a waste of time…while some people seem to think that the show was a waste of time because they’re all dead from the very beginning.

Granted, it’s a tough show to follow, lots of characters, lots of exposition, and not everything is answered, but come ON, it’s not that hard.

BTW there’s spoilers below, obviously, so if you haven’t seen it yet, don’t read this yet.

It seems some people think everyone was dead from the plane crash. This is wrong. Everything that happened on the island, happened. Everyone who died, died. This is explained by Jack’s father, to Jack, in the church.

The alternate timeline is simply where they meet up after the flight lands. In an alternate reality. The alternate ‘reality’ is purgatory, or a type of afterlife, whatever you’d like to believe it is.

So, no, the main characters didn’t die in the plane crash, the ones that died during the series DID die during the series.

Why were some characters from the original survivor group (Mr. Eko for example) not in the church? He didn’t want to do the show any more. A theory on Walt is that he’s one of the island’s whisperers now, but who knows. There are a lot of characters not fully explained away, but then there’s a lot that isn’t explained.

They weren’t all dead.

edit: here’s a forum posting from someone claiming to work for the production company that made ‘Lost’, with insights into what the reasoning behind various themes and plots, etc. Even if the guy is lying it’s an interesting read, if you’re that emotionally invested in the show to care about having an opinion whether it was terrible or great.