Diet, day 12

Fast Day again, uggghh. Not fun.

Have felt pretty weak and even light-headed, so much so that for lunch I had to have a flapjack (baked oat/sugar cake popular with backpackers and trekkers in the UK) in addition to the 8 massive tablets of BCAA protein for the 1 PM meal.

To give an idea of the pills, here’s a picture of an entire day’s ‘meals’ of protein tablets:

I did okay last Wednesday with the fast day, and at the end of the day I had a table full of chips/crisps (excuse the American/British terminology duplication), plus wine gums, Maltesers and assorted other candies in front of me, but a friend of mine was giving me moral support and not imbibing either. I suppose today the flapjacks were just conveniently right next to me and I’m freaking STARVING.

Some diet pros might say ‘well you were listening to your body’, which makes you feel fine about cheating, but then again I was cheating all day yesterday and today’s plan is to fast…oh well. I’m not kicking myself about it too hard, but last week I was able to make it and this time I wasn’t. One flapjack won’t throw me off too much.

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