Diet, day 9

Moderate Carbs day today, so yay for real food!

Breakfast and lunch consists of what I call a ‘ranch omelet’ which is basically a cubed potato pan-fried with green pepper and onion, mixed with 4 scrambled eggs. Plus an apple and fruit juices, with some chicken or other stuff later today.

I’m considering buying another diet/exercise plan done by the same guy that’s doing the one I’m on – I’m doing ‘Xtreme Fat Loss Diet’, he also did ‘Cheat Your Way Thin’, which is a similar but obviously less extreme version of the diet, with 3 workouts per week instead of nearly every day. CYWT is what he recommends (obviously) as the follow-on diet step after the XFLD program, and in CYWT you’re meant to work out 3 times a week, cheat on Sunday (calorie spike) and follow 2 3-day cycles of that rotate between protein, low-GI and high-GI food days. Done properly you’re supposed to lose 1-2 lbs a week until you reach the weight you want, where you go on the maintenance plan, or after a few weeks of the diet cycling you can go back on the XFLD if you want to lose more fat.

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