Diet, day 7

Lost 3.7 pounds in a week, but I’m taking that with a grain of salt because I’m not weighing myself on the ‘correct’ day…supposed to weigh on the mornings of cheat days, but didn’t when I started and I weighed myself on the morning of fasting day – and I weighed myself twice this morning so I’m taking the weight after I worked out on a zeroed-out scale. So there. Still, I lost at least 1.8 pounds, and possibly up to 3.7, so take the average and that’s 2.75, which is still really good.

I was able to finish the full workout program for today as well, but I know I’m going to be missing food for the rest of the day – it’s protein pills and water…all. day. long.

edit: I am so freaking hungry right now…but a carb will not cross my lips today.

3 thoughts on “Diet, day 7

    • Thanks! 🙂

      I got mine from, got the pills pretty quick, I think within 2 business days.

      I started the diet at 98kg so would need 45 pills per cycle, so I ordered a bottle of 90 pills and another bottle of 270 pills. The first bottle is now empty and I’ll start on the next bottle next Monday 🙂 The total came to £30 plus postage, divide that out to £6 and change for each day I’m not eating real food, it’s about the same cost if you have 3-5 meals a day, probably cheaper for anyone who buys ready meals or fast food, etc.

      • Yeah, that *is* quite a cost savings. Mark and I tried to do menu planning this week, and then buy things only for the meals and nothing else in an attempt to save money (and being made to feel guilty by people on that they can feed a person for $12 a week) but, um, yeah… Needless to say we spent a lot more than that. But we are eating healthy. Healthy food can be expensive.

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