Mountain biking – Achievements Unlocked!

Yesterday a workmate and I went to the same MTB course that we did a couple of weeks ago (my second time, his fifth or sixth), and while I’m still definitely at the noob level I’m getting to know my bike better, as well as learning how to deal with different trail sections much better.

I kept the fingers off the front brake for nearly the whole trail and attacked the berms (bobsled-style turns) much faster, although I could still use more speed/confidence going through them. I’m also still getting used to the rear end skidding out, which is good that I can handle it without freaking out, but probably not something I want to do regularly, since I need the speed going through the turns.

Here’s a video (not mine) of part of the trail we did, the last section, there’s more videos of parts of the same trail on that page.

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