Diet, day 5, end of the first cycle

You’re not supposed to weigh or measure yourself except for the morning of each cheat day, but I cheated and weighed myself this morning – from Friday (first fast day) I’ve lost 2kg…nearly 5 pounds. It remains to be seen whether my weight loss for the first cycle will be more or less than that – because it could/may just be water weight, but it’s still really encouraging.

Today is protein-only day so I’m stuffing myself with 300g of protein, which is a really surprising amount once you look at the nutrition info for the foods you eat- 8 eggs, 18 slices of bacon, 3/4 of a leftover chicken, plus 2 200g packets of chicken tikka slices from the shop at lunch. This is a lot better than the fasting day, which had me taking 45 protein pills throughout the course of the day, but I’ve been stuffed all day!

The good thing about the variety, at least, is while one day or another may be a drag and I’ll be really tired of having just one thing all day by the end of it, it is only for one day and the next day is totally different.

I skipped yesterday’s exercise plan because the alternate plan I’m following has me taking a rest day one day out of every 5, but today I’m mountain biking after work, so I’m skipping the interval training exercises, which is what mountain biking is sometimes, and the weightlifting, because, well, my arm is still sore after Saturday’s workout and I’ll be too knackered when I get home from biking to drag the weights out!

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