Diet, day 3

Going out to a club night tonight, so might have to ignore the diet for a short time, but I’ll have diet mixers as much as possible. I’m planning on sticking to rum and Diet Coke all night, at least it’s pretty close to zero-calorie.

Shake Day today. Not too bad, but I’m used to the taste of protein shakes. What’s strange is adding fat to the afternoon shakes.

The morning shakes are supposed to have carbs (if you use a blender to make the shakes, toss an apple or banana in there), and the afternoon shakes are supposed to have healthy fat, so you can add flaxseed oil or extra virgin olive oil. I forgot to add oil to one of my shakes and had to basically drink 2 tablespoons of olive oil…not pleasant! Adding it to the final shake of the day was at least better, but a strawberry-flavored shake with an aftertaste of olive oil is definitely not good either. Better, but not good.

Because I have different protein powders available from my days earlier in the year of trying to go too hardcore, my morning shakes are a different brand (Maximuscle Cylcone) from my brand of afternoon shakes (Nutrisport 90+) and the morning shakes have built-in carbs, so I don’t need to add fruit or whatever.

Still not feeling that hungry, strangely. But you don’t want to go into the bathroom right after me, either. Wowzers.

At least tomorrow is a normal food day.


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