An actual diet, now

Bleah. So I fell off the wagon and went back to my normal-ish weight of about 97-98kg, which is at least 4-5kg less than I weighed when I first moved to the UK.

This week I decided to try my first ever ‘internet diet plan’ – you know, one of those sites with bright colors, pictures of really fit people and a really really long (tall) web page with lots of bold words and small paragraphs. It was an introductory offer and the exchange rate is still pretty good, so what the hey.

Anyway, it involves 5 5-day cycles (so 25 days) and fluctuates between a cheat day, a fasting day, a protein shake day, a normal food day and a protein-only day, then starts over again. Combined with targeted exercise that is different for each day, you’re supposed to be able to lose 20-25 pounds. In 25 days.

Well, one of my goals for this year was to lose 30 pounds, so I figured I may as well try this.

This diet isn’t just about food, it also involves a lot of exercise, because everything I’ve read (and I do believe this) says that building an extra bit of muscle and lifting heavy things is one of the fastest ways to lose weight. It does just make sense. Cardio can be too boring for me and I prefer to follow a strict weightlifting plan, so I’m doing an alternate workout plan put out by a friend/affiliate of the guy who released the full diet plan. I’m also not following the alternate exercise plan to the exact letter because of social commitments (a night out coming up, plus a weekend holiday coming up) but I’m confident I’ll still lose 15-20 pounds at least…so here’s hoping my next official weigh-in (tomorrow morning) goes well!

Today is Cheat Day, so woo-hoo! An easy start, I’m liking this. Still have to exercise, though, so off to work out.

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