The Perils of Wetshaving

So I’m on day 7 or so of dual-edge, safety razor wetshaving (as opposed to the cartridge equivalent from Gilette, Wilkinson Sword, etc.), and it’s been a bit of an experience so far. My GF got me a Merkur safety razor handle and a Jagger brush from my Amazon wishlist for Christmas and I’ve been learning how to spend more and more (and since this morning, just slightly less again) time in the bathroom after I shower getting a proper shave. I used to just use a Mach 5 in the shower with no soap and no mirror even, and the ritual of shaving adds time but does seem to help settle things down in the morning, which is one of the things I’ve been wanting to do.

For anyone getting into this, shaving the way your dad and grandad used to shave, you have to watch the videos on YouTube from user mantic59, they’ll tell you a lot more than reading the guides online (such as from shaving soap and handle manufacturers or retail sites). I was finally able to watch the videos last night and they helped me figure out how to get a better lather, how short the cutting strokes should be, etc.

I had to order some blades from eBay and went ahead and got some Taylor of Old Bond Street soap, even though I have some Real Shaving Company stuff in a tube which is pretty decent once I found out how to get a good lather from it. I think I’ll make it my travel lather.

I’m an unrepentant gearhead and gadget hound, which isn’t a good thing for something like this, but I’ve been a good boy so far!