31 things every guy should own…

from Esquire (loaded with ads, full list below)

full list:
Cast-Iron Skillet – yep
Valid Passport – yep
Multipurpose Tool – yep
Waiter’s Corkscrew/Bottle Opener/Knife – yep
Ax – yep
WD-40 – yep
Cordless Drill – yep
Weekend Shoulder Bag – yep
Giant Wool Blanket Never Removed from the Trunk of the Car – yep
Chain Saw – no…maybe I have to work on this one
Work Gloves – yep
Carpenter’s Level – yep
Boots for the Shop
Boots for Everywhere Else – yep
Jack – yep
Claw Hammer – yep
Lantern – yep
Chef’s Knife – yep
Flying Disc – yep
(U.S.) Road Atlas – yep
Air Pump – yep
Jumper Cables – yep
Charcoal Grill – yep
Card Holder – yep
Pocket Knife – yep
Grease – yep
Lucky Charm – yep
$1,000 Hidden in Your House – ha!
LED Flashlight – yep
Money Clip – I gotta wallet
Joy of Cooking – yep

29 out of 31 ain’t bad


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