Latest & current hobbies

I change hobbies like other people change shoes or jackets, so I’m just curious with the weather/time change what hobbies people do regularly. I could list backpacking, writing and a whole host of things that I don’t actually have time for, but what I actually make time for are:

  • computer games (Fallout 3 at the moment, but also Call of Duty 5 online)
  • Formula 1 and Moto GP watching and discussing on the web
  • role-playing games (yep, Dungeons & Dragons, been doing it since I was 13)
  • just getting into gardening again with the warm weather, want to keep it up this year
  • reading

what I want to make time for include:

  • cycling
  • sewing projects (with that sewing machine I got last year)
  • trekking (multi-day walks like when I did Hadrian’s Wall)
  • writing (this is a very long-term goal)

I’ve tried to pare down the number of things I try to do because there’s not 36 hours in a day and I need to keep my job

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