Jade Goody

Am I the only person in the UK that doesn’t really care very much at all about this whole story? I realize the irony of saying anything at all about it, but making the round of sites in the States? Really? I do my very best to avoid celebrity news but I couldn’t escape the ‘Perfect Day’ headline on my housemate’s copy of The Sun.

I do feel sorry for her and her kids, it’s never a good or happy thing for anyone to die, esp. a parent, and I’m not saying good riddance to Jade Goody, but this series of stories is only really lining the pockets of the papers. There doesn’t seem to be any highlighting of causes such as the MacMillan nurses, cancer charities or anything like that – it’s just a way for the papers to make money and people to say goodbye to a comic/tragedy/love/hate figure from a reality show. If any of the probably huge amounts of money she’s being paid for the photo rights are going to any sort of charity, then my bad.

Just had to get that out!

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