Argh. Dentist visit

I appreciate the skills and training of the dentist, but isn’t it just frustrating when you go, it’s the end of the month so there’s not much money in the ol’ bank account, and they poke around a little and tell you everything looks OK?

If I could be paid £25 every six months to go to people’s homes and have a nosey, then tell them everything looks fine and you’ll see them in a few months, thanks for the cash…I’d be so into that.

Anyway, went today to have my first check-up at this private (not state healthcare) dentist – so it cost me more, by the way – and had to pay for an x-ray of the tooth that had the root canal done on it.

Turns out that the German dentist had done a partial root canal, there was still some work to be done, and it would cost me £332 to complete it. And hey, that’s with a savings of about £100 because some of the work’s already been done. Yay. On top of that, to get a crown to pretty much assure there wouldn’t be any more problems with that tooth, that’s another £375, thanks a bunch.

Or I could get it extracted for £72 and risk misaligning all my teeth for the rest of my life.

What the hell.

Yeah, I know I should have gotten the cavity sorted out years ago when it first popped up, but dammit it wasn’t bothering me much then. I suppose dental visits and financial matters are two of my worst habits, overall. And hey, I added it up: with £25 check-up twice a year, that means I’ve ‘saved’ about £700 by not getting checkups all this time (yeah…about 12-14 years), so I’m about even, financially.

Still sucks to pay it all at once like this.

What I’ll probably do is get the root canal done next month, because they have to do a temporary filling anyway and check it after a few weeks, then get the crown the following month.

I looked into it and basically any type of dental work is fully custom (matching color, shape and bite of your teeth, etc.), which is why everything costs so damn much.