Bleah. I’m back. Finally.

So the plan for today was to wake up early (about 6 AM), have some breakfast and be on our way for the 3 hr drive to Frankfurt.

Instead, what happened was:

  • wake-up call at 4:30 from
  • wake up at 5, shower and meet in the lobby
  • drive on the autobahn (for the first time) in snow/wet/cold conditions
  • meet up with 2 lots of heavy roadworks
  • not finding a petrol station to fill up the rental cars (so extra charges on the car hire)
  • wolfing down a burger before hitting the security checkpoint
  • plane is a little turboprop (noisier, but at least not even 1/5 full)
  • find out the nose gear isn’t working so we have to circle for ages while it’s manually lowered
  • a tow off the main runway in Birmingham while the fire truck holds station on us and no other planes can land, and finally
  • a long taxi ride back
  • oh, and a £300 car repair bill

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